Quake 3 Arena on the Raspberry Pi

UPDATE: New Raspbian Binaries Available

Hey All,

Quake 3 Arena has been available on the Pi for a while now, but it seems the site hosting the files have gone down for the time being.

I’m going to host them here for now.

Quake 3 for Raspberry Pi  

Quake 3 Demo PAKs

  1. It’s a really easy install.  Unzip Quake3.zip so you have /home/pi/quake3/.
  2. Unzip the demo paks into your quake3/baseq3 folder.
  3. Run quake3/start.sh (cd quake3, ./start.sh)
  4. Start fragging!

If you need a really well done tutorial on how to install it, check out the My Raspberry Pi Experience Blog

15 thoughts on “Quake 3 Arena on the Raspberry Pi

    • Hi,
      I got the Quake3 issue sorted in Raspbian, needed re-building with new librarys.
      Why I was at it, I added the sound drivers too, all works nicely now.

      I like the on/off switch idea, good work.

    • Thats great! Thanks for doing that Paul. I’d love to hear what you had to update and how you got the audio working.

      You should also post it to the Raspberry Pi forums 🙂

  1. Hi,
    It was mainly to do with libsdl1.2debran and an option in the build script which disables the sound, this enabled cross platform compilation without the need for any sound libs. I have to say, I got some help from other sites, but none of the builds I tried worked at all, pulling all the ideas together did the trick.

    Im interested if you can get a frontend working with mame and mess.



  2. Hi Shea,
    I see on the new video Quake crashed on you.

    I have been testing the latest binaries on both of my PI’s over the past three/four days and I can report that, apart from the odd sound stutter, I have had no problems, so with a little luck, this maybe just a one off.

    If you do find problems, let me know and I will take another look to see whats causing the problem, but like I say, I think it maybe just a one off.



    • Heres hoping. I haven’t had much time to test Quake 3 (been busy playing SMB3). I’ll try it again and see what happens. If you want to do a write up on how you got Quake 3 to compile on Raspbian I’d love to link to it / host it if need be

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