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  3. Hi again,
    Now I have finally solved the issue with being able to use the GPIO to uinput, in order for the advMame to receive Coin-in, start game and ESC.
    I used several days browsing the www trying all sorts of sending keystrokes to PID etc etc.
    As you probably see from my previous emails I am a virgin to Linux.

    The solution was too easy. I do not understand why noone has found it yet…. ;O)

    By coinsidence I looked fro something else on the web and someone wrote that it is not possible towork two keyboards together. hmmm.
    So I simply disconnected my USB keyboard and booted up without and then the uinput worked with coin in. Juubiii!
    Now I can run the uinput Python script with the joystick and key input from GPIO.
    uinput.ABS_X + (0, 255, 0, 0)

    Hope you can publish the findings to all our fine people on your great website.

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