Raspberry Pi “On/Off” Cable

What started out as a funny thought is now reality.  I spent about an hour splicing, soldering, taping, and heat shrinking this fun little cable together.  It’s a microusb to microusb extension cable.  I split it in half, cut off the data wires, soldered the ground cable back together, wrapped electrical tape around it, then soldered each end of the Vcc wires to the power switch.  I taped them up, then tried to heat shrink as much as it as possible.

My frankenstein cable works 🙂

P.S.: All the items needed I got from Sparkfun.com (except the usb extension cable)

5 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi “On/Off” Cable

    • You could, if you enjoy soldering and heat shrink wrapping. The material and shipping costs would be very low. Now that I think back, somebody did a similar thing for a niche modding community and sold the “kits” themselves.

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