PiMAME code on GitHub

Hey All,

I’ve put my PiMAME code and configurations on GitHub for anyone to look at, check out, fork, make improvements, etc, etc.

If you check out menu.py,  you will see that I have a new line item for RetroPie / EmulationStation.

I am testing it out in addition to AdvanceMAME.




4 thoughts on “PiMAME code on GitHub

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  2. Shea,

    Are you also editing the raw source code from AdvanceMame? I would volunteer to put the same edit onto AdvMess to add to PiMame.

  3. I know I was advocating the advmame version from the RetroPi project. The fellow who has been working on an optimized mame4all binary (which uses v0.37b5) just released a new 1.1 version which seems to be super stable and FAST!!!

    If you’re only looking for classic MAME (pre 2000), or want to use the binary in command-line mode from advmame instead of advmame (configure as a “generic” emulator), I highly recommend you have a look.

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