Saturday Post: PyCon 2013 Redux!

Hey all, ¬†hoping not to make [Saturday Posts] tags a habit but I feel bad that the wireless ate my last post ūüôĀ

So PyCon is going amazingly well. ¬†I have seen some amazing talks, ¬†I gave a small talk about PiMAME for 15 minutes in the Raspberry Pi lab. ¬†Everyone who attended got a free Pi. ¬†Sourceforge told me they could easily host my PiMAME images so that’s a plus for everyone here.

I got to hold (but not wear) a Google Glass. ¬†It feels¬†incredibly¬†solid. ¬†Light. ¬†Balanced. ¬†I’m excited for it. ¬†O’Reilly was giving out a ton of books, and I have my reading for the next year scheduled.

A lot of the¬†attendees¬† were impressed with PiMAME and I’m excited to get the next version out. ¬†I’m brain fried. ¬†I will have pictures and things and stuff to post when I get back to Florida on Monday. ¬†Woo! ¬†PyCon!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Post: PyCon 2013 Redux!

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  2. Just watched Eben speech (link on is there any video of your 15 mins of fame? Good to hear PiMame was so well received.

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