Friday Post: Mausberry Circuits Raspberry Pi Power Switch

Hey All,

First of all I am happy to say that I aced my course this semester.  Woo!  It’s weird having free time again.  Going to be really focusing on PiMAME.  Onto the cool stuff…

So, I got my Mausberry Circuits Raspberry Pi Power Switch in the mail this week.  I linked to the Kickstarter for this previously and I’m really happy it was funded.  The device is tiny, but feels well soldered and sturdy.  My only complaint is that the headers cables for the GPIO pins are on the top of the board, as opposed to the bottom, making it harder to put in a project box or in a DeskCade.

The device itself works flawlessly.  You install the script, connect the GPIO pins, and then hit the switch.  The script tells the Pi to power down, and after it’s completely halted, the power is cut.  It also includes a hard reset button in case the Pi is completely frozen / crashed.


It’s $22 with shipping, and you can order one at

Have an awesome weekend everyone.


8 thoughts on “Friday Post: Mausberry Circuits Raspberry Pi Power Switch

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  3. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to receive the circuit after you ordered it? I ordered one over two weeks ago and haven’t gotten any updates and my email has been ignored. I just want to know if that is normal.

    • Hi, same problem. Ordered it on 27 march and still waiting. I live in Denmark, Europe, but a month is still a month.

  4. Did any of you manage to get in touch with this guy? He just doesn’t respond to emails. I’m having problems with the circuit that I bought from him (had to email him three times before he actually shipped the order) and now I’ve ordered another one because I think this one is faulty, but who knows if I will ever hear back from him or receive the second switch.

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