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  2. Hello!

    Here’s my pic! You can see it’s only default videogame… So my feature request is:

    – samba-friendly rom folder so I can add roms from WinOS (or any tip about how to be able to do it)
    – sound-enabled (even though I’ve asked about it in another post)


    Don’t know whether I truly apply for the sticker but here I am! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I used to be a command line unix admin in the 90’s, now I need to google how to copy my roms from the usb or network drive. Back then I never used xwindows now can’t do a think w/o the gui.

    I to have default rom running on my projects desk.


    I have an old PS BLAZE 2 player arcade stick like the tankstick I would love to get mapping correctly for the couch, and put a pimame in one or more of my standups in the garage.

  4. I don’t have mine up and running yet, so you don’t have to send me anything. I just wanted to show people what I’m working on. My RaspberryPi should be coming in the mail soon and I will be installing PiMame and putting it in this old arcade cabinet. I got the cabinet and a lot of other stuff with it for 25$ and I am making a arcade machine for me and my friends to play on. It will have brand new buttons and analog sticks, and a new monitor. All powered by raspberry pi and PiMame.


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