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Hey All,

A big announcement came from the Raspberry Pi Foundation today!  They introduced the Raspberry Pi 2!

The biggest change is the CPU has been upgraded from a single core ARMv6 @ 700Mhz to a QUAD CORE ARMv7 @ 900Mhz.  The RAM has also been upgraded from 512MB to 1GB.  The price is going to remain the same as well!  Only $35!

The upgrade from ARMv6 to v7 is pretty big.  v7 can run things like Ubuntu and Android OS.  Most main line software repos are precompiled for v7 first as well.  Microsoft has even mentioned that Windows 10 will be free for the Raspberry Pi (though in an Internet-Of-Things way which may be more like the Intel Galileo than a full desktop environment).

All software should be backwards compatible so PiPlay should work right out of the box, along with a much appreciated speed boost.  I can’t wait to start recompiling the source code to eek out as much power as possible from this new core!

Most of the retail sites are swamped, but here is a list of places to order:


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  2. That’s great news, I’m just building a cabinet now for my existing Pi, saw the news yesterday and my Pi2 has just been delivered today! I came on here to see if the software will work out of the box so it’s awesome that it will. I’m sure the recompile will give even more speed.

    Can’t wait to see if some of the newer roms which my old Pi really wasn’t keen on will work OK 🙂

    • Let me know how it works for ya! Mine hasn’t shipped yet 🙁

      You may need to do an apt-get upgrade on an original Pi, and then move the SD card to the Pi2 in order for it to be backwards compatible.

  3. I popped my piplay SD card from my Pi B+ into the Pi 2 that arrived today. I get the colour gradient square… and it stops there, unfortunately. I guess now I need to wait to see if others have the same problem.

  4. Hmm – same thing happened when I put my Plex SD card from my B+ into the Pi 2. Will need to do some research as to why these don’t work out of the box.

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