5 thoughts on “[VIDEO] PiPlay on Pi2

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  2. Yay! I’m getting my Pi2 Monday and PiPlay was the first thing I was going to check out. After that, I want to see if I can run both PiPlay and an ambient lighting setup through Pi2…

  3. Is it working with pi 2 ? i tried making at bootable of the latest build but it just stops at the colored screen. pi 2 is my first pi so I could be doing something els wrong, but i can install rasbien with no problems. Hope to see some news soon:)

    Great work

  4. I am really excited about this! I am new to Raspberry Pi, I just received my Pi 2, and your project is by far the coolest I have seen. I tried .7 Beta, but when I load, it is pausing on the spectrum of color intro screen, so I probably just need to wait for your updated version? Or is there something I can do to the config file or any other to get a temporary taste?


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