Friday Post: TGIF

Hey All,

TGIF!  Thank goodness it’s Friday.  This has been a trying week.

For the bad: I had a little food poisoning, had a small car issue, and dealt with an anxiety attack of epic proportions (hooray for an understanding doctor’s office / doctor.)

For the good: Got most of the kickstarter parts in.  Found a really cool edge case in a program we developed at work, and was able to fix it!  Also pushed a large project out to AWS for work and it worked.  The more I use AWS for large scale applications the more I love it.  Still afraid of vendor lock in for my personal projects though.

AND I got my Raspberry Pi Zero in!

This little guy is cool!

IMG_20151203_205459840 IMG_20151203_205532614 IMG_20151205_245916656 IMG_20151205_245926609 IMG_20151205_245937360 IMG_20151205_245957094


Have a good weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Friday Post: TGIF

  1. I’m interested to hear about you concerns about vendor lock in on AWS.

    I don’t know if you’re aware on EC2 of the vm export tool. It can package and transport your application servers from aws to another provider.

    There are also some tools to transport data from S3 buckets to other providers.

    1 other thing I guess would be the use of docker if you’re not already aware of it. Docker should remove any concern about application transportation as that’s exactly what it’s made to do.

    Hope this helps, and thanks so much for your work of PiPlay my cabinet is coming along nicely and my kids are always asking whe it’ll be finished 🙂

    • I love AWS, but it gets pricey really quick, and some of the things I start to rely on may not have a nice alternative with another vendor. Some of my apps may need reengineering. For work, it’s fine because we are doing this long term, but for something personal, it’s nice to be able to quickly deploy to DigitalOcean, or Heroku, or AWS.

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