AdvanceMAME 3.4 for the Raspberry Pi Zero

Hey All,

AdvanceMAME 3.4 has been released with a lot of enhancements for the Raspberry Pi.

I got a message that it wasn’t working, so I recompiled a version JUST for the Raspberry Pi Zero.  This is meant to run on the latest version of Jessie with Pixel.

Get it here

To Install and play, run these commands from the command line

sudo dpkg -i advancemame_3.4-1_armhf.deb

This will install and create your AdvanceMAME folders.  Now place your ROMs in:


Then run:

advmame romname
example: advmame sf2

AdvMAME should now start playing your game file.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “AdvanceMAME 3.4 for the Raspberry Pi Zero

  1. Hi. I installed your build on my Pi Zero W. Uploaded a classic ROM (astroi1). The performance is terrible (not running under X). What version of advmame should I run, and what performance tips do you have for using a Pi Zero ?

    • I got further ahead. The PiZeroW comes with Jessie installed. I updated a piplay image that uses Wheezy, and sure enough the emulators seem to perform. However, in installing Wheezy, the onboard wifi of the PiZeroW doesn’t work.

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