Better AdvanceMAME debs with Sound!

Hey All,

I have an updated set of AdvanceMAME debs.  This time there is sound, and a lot of the stupid tricks I had to do to compile have been resolved.  It ended up being a libsdl issue and an older version of GCC.

Please uninstall the older .deb by entering this command:

You should now be set to run AdvanceMAME with sound!

If you want to compile AdvanceMAME yourself, make sure you install libsdl1.2-dev and gcc-4.7. After that make sure to do export CC=gcc-4.7 and export CXX=g++-4.7 on the command line.  Then type ./configure, then make.


60 thoughts on “Better AdvanceMAME debs with Sound!

  1. Now sound is working well, only needs a little speed boost and it will be perfect. Tested with a 900 mhz overclocked PI.

    Great Work

        • I too am looking to get CPS2 playable. Big thanks for this AdvanceMAME deb. Was super easy to install and start using. Unfortunately, even though CPS2 games work, performance is bad. Realistically, what do you think are the chances of the current Raspberry Pi to play them at 100%? Or do we have to keep our fingers crossed for the next version.

  2. i cant seem to get sound working….. i installed the new deb…. changed the vclock for video and the games play amazeing but no sound out hdmi or audio jack

  3. What are the ideal settings for AdvanceMAME on the Raspberry Pi when it comes to the RAM/GPU split as well as the overclock setting?

  4. Seems a bit slow, is there something to setup to speed it up?
    I’ve tried MK2 and MK3 and they move awfull.
    Sound is missing on my pi too.

    I am runnging on XBian and planning to rug ADVMame out oof XBMC,,,

  5. howdy, im a total raspbian / linux noob , picked up quite a bit of terminology over the last few days with my pi – ive managed to install the deb file above after installing the latest raspbian OS, but i cant get access to rom directories in root. i am trying to copy some with the OS file manager program from my usb drive but it tells me permission denied. ive tried setting permissions through the file manager options on the root but i get permission denied here as well. how can i get these roms to the correct folder? am i copying them to the right place? root/.advance/roms
    also how do i open the advmame.rc file to edit it if i need to change the device_video_clock settings?
    sorry for the basic questions! any help greatly appreciated , in the meantime ill keep on googling!!

  6. ok sussed how you superuser copy with sudo cp command. also you can go to tools and open current folder as root in the gui.
    got 1944 started but its unplayably slooowww. i can start playing round with configs and checking out the more complex stuff
    cool though got there , sorry for the premature postings!

  7. Hello, thanks to Shea for the job.
    I just got my raspberry pi working perfectly yesterday, and felt like testing mame.
    I followed the procedure (installed the deb with dpkg, gave 777 permissions to the framebuffer), and launched Scrambled egg (1983, more or less same hardware as Pacman).
    I’ve got three issues :
    – the number keys do not respond (I’ve got a french keyboard) ; I have to reconfigure them to be able to “insert coins” and “start” the game
    – main issue : the game is awfully slow, then not really fun to play

    I didn’t overclock my Pi yet, is this really necessary? Even for the older games (pre-1985)?

    Also, the sound (through the jack output) is garbage (but the cause might lie elsewhere, I didn’t really test the sound from other applications yet)

    Thanks in advance for your tips.

  8. Hey there,
    Love the deb; thanks so much for getting that packaged up for a super convenient install.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any ROMs to play smoothly. On a 256 Pi, I’ve got it overclocked to 1000 MHz, tried every memory split in the raspi-config, but no ROM is playable. Every single one is just tremendously slow. Is it possible to make my ROMs playable? Is there something I am missing?
    Any help would be massively appreciated, thanks!

    • If you’re running advmame from a graphical environment it will be really slow (at least it was for me). Try running from just the login shell.

  9. Thanks! I managed to get it running, on raspbmc. For now, I have to quit xbmc to start advmame I haven’t managed to get either rom manager or advanced launcher to work. And, no sound yet – though I haven’t tried very hard. I’m using sound out on HDMI, and xbmc manages to play music there.

    But, my main question is about resolution.
    I’m using HDMI connected to an 1920×1080 LCD monitor, and any resolution I tried with advmame looks pretty sucky. I used the device_video_clock line that was given earlier – my next test will be to drop that. Has anyone managed to get a nice sharp resolution going? When I use advv to find good modes, many modes show as not available (e.g. 1024×768), and a 1920×1080 is not even listed, nor 960×540, or 480×270. So? How to get a nice, sharp mame going?


      • Hmm… it seems some games are sharp, others not. e.g. 1941 is not sharp. I have a suspicion that the original game was fuzzy, I’m not sure why that would be. I’m now going to try raspbian instead of raspbmc – I couldn’t get sound working.

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  11. My favourite game from this era is Propcycle, I’ve had it working with MAME on my Windows PC, but would the PI be able to cope? Has anyone tried?


    • Propcycle is an amazing game. Almost had the opportunity to get one a few years back for a bit over free. The thing was just massive to move though.

      I highly doubt propcycle will work on the Pi at the moment. Once OpenGL ES acceleration is available, then possibly.

  12. OK New to RPi and Mame Dist … I’ve installed as above and also even downloaded the MameBin.ZIP

    I can get MameBin.ZIP working under startx but not at a command line
    Likewise the advancemame-raspberrypi dist not at a command line
    I’ve added the video_ settings for using a HDMI monitor (I am HDMI to DVI if that matters?)

    Everytime I start advmame invaders I get a blank screen until I press esc when I come back to a cmd prompt. Tried arrows left & right a few times

    Help – Really love MAME…

  13. Hi, thanks for putting this together! I’m a total noob with all of this though and cannot get it installed. When I open LXTerminal and type in:

    sudo dpkg -i advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb

    I get this:

    dpkg: error: unknown option –

    I don’t really know what I’m doing, just trying to get this tiny guy running MAME! Any help is appreciated 🙂

    • I tried again, typing it out instead of copy/pasting, and am now getting a different error:

      dpkg-deb: error: `advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb’ is not a debian format archive
      dpkg: error processing advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb (–install):
      subprocess dpkg-deb –control returned error exit status 2
      Errors were encountered while processing:

      • OK! I tried the terminal command wget instead of downloading in the browser and it is now working!

        Everything was hiding under /root/.advance but I managed to figure that out with a buddy of mine. This is AMAZING! I haven’t got sound to work, and I need to overclock the pi as it’s pretty slow, but this is truly great. Thanks for working on this!

        My dreams of a tiny MAME arcade machine are almost realized…

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  15. Worked immediately with a great picture and sound over HDMI. Thanks so much for providing such a good quality package.

    Still find it very slow and games like Pacman are not playable. Any advise on settings/setup to get performance up to an acceptable level?

  16. Dear Sheasilverman,
    I need a help to install an emulator on my new Raspberry Pi to playing game, like Nintendo or Sega. I am a new user and i don’t know how to install or setup my Raspberry Pi. Can you help me? Send me a tutorial ar instruction set, step by step how to install RetroArch or other emulators? Please send it to my email.

    Thanks before…



  17. I wanted to post that I had some trouble running advancemame (from your deb): I would run the program, but the game kept freezing in the early stages. Finally tracked it down to the fact I wan’t authorized to use the sound device! (Perhaps because I created a new user instead of using “pi”).
    Modifying advice from “Craswer” on allowing access to the framebuffer device (on a comment for the blog entry “MAME part 2”) I executed:
    sudo usermod -a -G audio [my username]
    then rebooted, and everything worked fine. Just thought I’d put that out there in case someone else had the same problem.

  18. I wanted to share a working configuration for RPI model B, working with analog video and audio. No more cracking and i play fluid metal slug. Hope it works fou you too:
    and thanks shea for your great work!


    device_video_clock 5 – 50 / 15.62 / 50
    dir_rom /home/pi/roms
    display_color bgr16
    device_mouse none
    misc_freeplay yes
    misc_quiet yes
    record_sound no
    record_video no
    sound_latency 0.3
    sound_mode auto
    sound_samplerate 11025
    sound_samples yes

  19. Hi,
    Anyone who knows why the advMenu generates tickle noise on the analog headphone plug?
    When starting a game from the menu the noise dissappear and the game sound is OK.

  20. Have no idea what to do I have followed these instructions and downloaded invaders but i dont know where to put it or how to open advmame heard somthing about advmenu???

  21. Hi I’ve got two questions, one is simple and the other is a head scratcher.

    #1 If I disable Advancemenu from starting on boot, what is the command to open it from the terminal.

    #2 despite adding the “hdmi_drive=2” line to my config.txt file, I still am getting analog out.

    Is it possible for someone to send me their working config.txt?

  22. Hi,
    Thank you for the great job !
    I installed your deb file under a BodhiLinux system. When i start the advmame program with 1943 game, the system shows information over the enlightenment desktop in full screen and that’s what i want. The only problem is that the system get hook on the system testing screen (first step) and blinks very slowly.
    Any idea what could be the reason ?

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  25. Hi guys
    All a little new to this but wondered if anyone might be able to help me out with a Mame problem. Had a look round these forums but couldn’t find an answer.
    Situation is that i recently got a Pi and though try to get Mame running. Got mame4all running okay but the games are limited so thought I’d try advanceMame. After quite a bit of fiddling around i got it going and seems to support a lot more games. Problem is that when i do fire them they are really stuttery and slow, nothing smooth or playable about them. Then made sure that my Pi was overclocked but this didn’t make any difference. Tried Frogger which works on both Mame platforms and its fine on mame4all but not advancemame which would tell me that its a software problem rather than hardware. Is there some other setting that I’m missing? Any help would be fantastic. Thanks very much.

  26. Anyone willing to sell me an SD card with MAME and preconfigured for my X Arcade Tankstick so I can play my ROMS on a Raspberry PI console?

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