May 24

Friday Post: More Neat Things!

Hey all,

Another long week over here.  I’m glad we have a 3 day weekend, because I could use it.  Going to sleep until Monday I think 🙂  Anyways, onto the fun stuff!


So, I’ve been waiting ages to announce this.  I have been tapped by a publishing company to write a book about a computer that means a lot to me (hint hint).  That’s really all the details I can announce at this time, but I’m very excited and eager to work on this project.

BarCamp Orlando

Last week I talked about BarCamp Orlando.  It was a lot of fun.  There were a lot of great talks given by members of the Orlando tech community.  I met a lot of cool people, and networked with some fellow educators.  It was also nice to see a big turnout of my coworkers and friends from FamiLAB show their support of this conference.

I did a talk about gaming on the Raspberry Pi, and I have to say it went fairly well.  I have grown to really like public speaking, and I am very interested in doing more.  I did about 15 minutes of explanations and demos of the Raspberry Pi’s capabilities, and another 10 minutes of QA from the audience members.


Thermal Imaged Pi

I received an email from Bux (from the forums) the other day.  He acquired a thermal scanner, so he used it to take a picture of the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi - Thermal Image

Weston  Accelerated X

A very exciting development in the continuing optimization of the Raspberry Pi has been released.  A release of the Weston software that allows accelerated X windows to be displayed on the Raspberry Pi.  This should help with the sluggish feeling that is encountered when using the GUI.  I will be testing this out over the weekend.  The instructions to install it are available here: and below:

echo deb wheezy rpi >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get install weston


I think I have sent out all the stickers.  If anyone hasn’t received theirs, please contact me again!

Have a great weekend everyone!


May 17

Friday Post: Neat Things

Hey All,

It has been a long week.  Star Trek Into Darkness was AMAZING!  Go see it now.  Stop reading.  Go to your theater, watch it, then come back here and finish reading.   It was that good.

SanderSiezen has made a really slick cocktail arcade cabinet, powered by PiMAME.  His entire build log has been published at his site.  I’m really impressed by the hinge used to hide the controls.  Great Job!

mame_arcade_table1 mame_arcade_table4


BarCamp Orlando

BarCamp Orlando is this weekend.  It’s basically a tech gathering un-conference.  People meet up in a central area, sign up to do talks, speak about awesome things, and network, all while enjoying the bar scene around downtown.

I am hoping to do some talking about PiMAME and the Raspberry Pi.

Have a great weekend everyone!