Apr 04

Friday Post: Captain America!

Hey All,

Made it with a few minutes to spare to do a Friday post, but I have a good reason.  CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!  Wooo!  I love pretty much all things Marvel, and I was very happy with the sequel to the first Cap’n movie.  Go see it, and wait till they very end, there are two teasers.


I’m putting in time with PiMAME, I’ve gotten screen shots working, and I need to reimplement the Xing encoder kernel patch for joysticks.  Busy busy busy!

PyCon 2014

Next weekend I will be in Montreal for this years Python programming language conference, PyCon.  It’s an incredible event, full of talented people and great projects.  I will be presenting PiMAME during the poster sessions on Sunday.

That’s all for now.  I’m exhausted.