PiMAME 0.5 Beta Release

Hey all,

This is just for testing purposes, but if you like to live on the cutting edge, I’m making available the beta/pre-release/testing release of PiMAME 0.5!

It’s based off the PiMAME 0.3 image, with the Uploader file size limit set to 200MB, and the Snapshot artwork in AdvMENU.

Let me know if you have any issues with it!


18 thoughts on “PiMAME 0.5 Beta Release

  1. Well I can report that 0.5 beta is as good as 0.3 and performance has been restored. All the pre-1985 roms look good and run well. My configuration means I’m running on composite video with audio from the 3.5mm jack and I’ve overclocked to 900. There are still sound clicks, I think as the sound output is initialised. Street Fighter runs slowly and I just get a lot of clicking and noise from the audio. I’ve used the advmame.rc file included in the image file and haven’t tried tweaking. This is another step forward keep up the excellent work.

  2. Great work, man! Only had my pi a few days and was already anticipating this release. I seem to be unable to upload files bigger than 2 megs though

  3. I was only able to test briefly, but so far I can say that the performance is really good! I haven’t overclocked and games like DoDonPachi and Aero Fighters seem to work very fluidly. I did notice some awkward audio glitches over HDMI, but haven’t been able to test the 3.5 mm jack yet.

  4. I don’t know what the scope of this distro is, like how many people download & all, but you may consider bittorrent for distribution. Either thousands of us are downloading right now, or your host is throttling you pretty severely; either way you need a fatter pipe.

    If your download count is small, Amazon S3 won’t cost much, at all. If this is downloaded a few times per hour (on average) or more, bittorrent. I’ll seed these until you give up on the project or I die (or until no one downloads from me for a few weeks.)

      • I sound like an a-hole when I post; I’m very sorry about that. Not trying to do anything other than help. If I come across in any other way, then that’s just me trying (and failing) to be constructive.

    • Agreed – let me know where you hold the torrent or magnet link and i’ll seed until the next one comes up as well. Awesome work Shea!

  5. Hi Shea! I’m using PiMAME to power a mini Cocktail cabinet I’m building. I’m aware that there are dip switch settings in some games that give the option for cocktail mode (e.g. Pacman). But in other versions of MAME there is a split screen mode in the video settings, where 2-player games can be played simultaneously by 2 players. Is there any way to turn on split screen mode in PiMAME, either globally or game by game? Your answer would be extremely appreciated! Thank you very much!

  6. Good job. It already plays all of my favourites. Thanks.

    I look forward to trying out your X-arcade joystick config as I’m struggeling a bit with mine.


  7. Hi thanks for the create work on PiMAME

    I’ve just downloaded PiMAME 0.5 and used disk utility on OSX to restore to a SD card. When I boot it up I get this error –

    PANIC: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)

    Any ideas?

  8. First off – this is awesome. I’ve introduced my 5 year old to the video games of the past, and she’s now hooked…on a $35 computer and a castoff monitor. Amazing.

    I’ve managed to work thru issues with AdvMenu and AdvMAME with lots of Googling and a boatload of trial and error. There are a couple of items that I can’t get to start, and I’m not sure if it’s a Pi limitation or something with MAME. I looked into it being a version issue, but other folks have it functioning (not on a Pi that I can tell) on earlier versions of MAME, so I’m guessing that’s not it.

    I’m getting an error in the logs that reads, “sdl: not compatible with FrameBuffer video” and I’m stumped. Any suggestions for moving forward?


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