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Hey All,

Today I’m pleased to introduce a partner site of mine. Sheacob.com is a collaborative blog between myself and my friend + coworker Jacob Bates.  Jacob is a coder, photographer, embedded electronics enthusiast, and an all around good guy.

We have been working together on some projects for the past year, and are finally making a place to debut them.  I hope you look forward to some of our creations.

With that said, here is something we made for the Raspberry Pi community (natch!):

PIP (http://pip.sheacob.com)

We got tired of having to hook up a screen to the Raspberry Pi, or go into our router, just to find out its IP address, so we decided to write this simple script. Basically, your Pi sends its local IP address to the site every time it boots, then you visit http://pip.sheacob.com site on your main computer to view it.

You can install it from our site or with this command:

wget http://pip.sheacob.com/pipinstall.py && chmod +x pipinstall.py && sudo ./pipinstall.py

We aren’t storing any personal information, it’s just the WAN address that your computer sends when you visit any website (like whatismyip.com) and the internal IP address of your Raspberry Pi.

Once installed, all you have to do is goto http://pip.sheacob.com to display the IP your Raspberry Pi has.

We hope you enjoy it and it helps out some people. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

-Shea Silverman & Jacob Bates

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