Video of XArcade Stick Working with the Raspberry Pi

Hey All,

Real quick, just wanted to show a very rough video of me using the XArcade Tankstick on the Raspberry Pi.  I have the Trackball, Buttons  and Joysticks all working.  Gridlee has issues with it (has to have custom inputs set) but Street Fighter 2 and Missile Command worked “out-of-the-box”.  I had to make a minor edit to the AdvanceMENU configuration file, but it looks like its working nicely.

I’m going to try a fresh re-install of PiMAME and try to recreate the results.  I’m hoping to have a guide for this very soon ™.


7 thoughts on “Video of XArcade Stick Working with the Raspberry Pi

  1. I bought my x-arcade stick in 2002 to use with my then-current advancemame/menu installation on linux. That machine has long since perished, but I still have the arcade stick.

    I also have all the adapters for all my various consoles, but it’s honestly such a pain in the ass to connect it all up every time, that I hardly use it anymore.

    I don’t remember having any problem getting it set up back in the day, but I also still have the original circuit board. It just plugs into a ps2 port as a normal keyboard. To get it to USB, I think I need to connect it through the original serial cable -> ps2 converter -> ps3 converter. And at this point it just shows up as a USB HID device. … I think.

    I look forward to trying out your guide and see if I can get it all working, so the stick can fulfil it’s original purpose. There should also be ample space inside the joystick to mod the raspberry pi directly into it, so I’m sure this will be a popular mod.

  2. I discovered a couple of things about the x-arcade tankstick. I could not get several of the games (crazy climber for example) to work using the existing input_maps on the web. This game uses a double stick and so you have to set the double stick maps. Here is what I used:

    input_map[p1_doubleleft_up] keyboard[1,8_pad] or keyboard[0,8_pad]
    input_map[p1_doubleleft_down] keyboard[1,2_pad] or keyboard[0,2_pad]
    input_map[p1_doubleleft_right] keyboard[1,6_pad] or keyboard[0,6_pad]
    input_map[p1_doubleleft_left] keyboard[1,4_pad] or keyboard[0,4_pad]
    input_map[p1_doubleright_up] keyboard[1,r] or keyboard[0,r]
    input_map[p1_doubleright_down] keyboard[1,f] or keyboard[0,f]
    input_map[p1_doubleright_right] keyboard[1,g] or keyboard[0,g]
    input_map[p1_doubleright_left] keyboard[1,d] or keyboard[0,d]

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hello, i have a X-Arcade dual player tank stick without the trackvball.. I was wondering how you are connecting it to the raspberry pi 3 ,, This is what i’m wanting to do.. any help would be greatly appreciated…

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