PiMAME 0.6 Beta 3 now available.

Hey All,

PiMAME 0.6 Beta 3 is now available.

This is primarily a test to see if those who were affected by the booting issues has been resolved.  This is an image with updated firmware.

Please let me know if this works or doesn’t.  Thanks!


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  2. Hi,

    i’ve added some input maps more in the advmame.rc to can control also the menu of advmame with X-arcade. here i paste the new lines

    # Left side button (upper) configured to pull up the in game menu (same as Tab on the keyboard)
    input_map[ui_configure] mouse_button[0,0] or keyboard[0,tab]
    # Right side button (upper) configured to pause the game (same as P on the keyboard) :
    input_map[ui_pause] mouse_button[0,1] or keyboard[0,p]
    #Here is an input that allows to ‘escape’ the game from my TankStick (simultaneously pressing Player 1 and Player 2) or ESC
    input_map[ui_cancel] keyboard[0,1] keyboard[0,2] or keyboard[0,esc]
    # Input menus controls
    input_map[ui_select] keyboard[0,lcontrol] or keyboard[0,enter]
    input_map[ui_up] keyboard[0,8_pad] or keyboard[0,up]
    input_map[ui_down] keyboard[0,2_pad] or keyboard[0,down]
    input_map[ui_left] keyboard[0,4_pad] or keyboard[0,left]
    input_map[ui_right] keyboard[0,6_pad] or keyboard[0,right]

  3. Hi I love this thing so much. I just got on to this version as I have the tank stick. everything has been working great for me but the track ball only works up and down not left and right. anyone know where to fix this?

      • I was trying it on Centipede but was also having the same issue on gridlee. I have yet to figure it out on my end. everything looks like it should work. Also I have to re-image the SD card as it goes into a kernel panic(something about an error at 0,172 I think) after a few reboots. don’t know if there is a work around. not sure if it help.

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