Friday Post: Coming soon, PiMAME 0.8

Hey All,

What a hectic week.  I’ve been working on the second half of my book, doing a ton of stuff at work, AND working on PiMAME 0.8 🙂

New features to come in PiMAME 0.8:

  • gpiokey drivers
  • dispmanx 
  • cavestory
  • dgen (Genesis)
  • advancemess (NES woo!)

I’m hoping to get it done this weekend, and I’ll let you all know when its up 🙂

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Post: Coming soon, PiMAME 0.8

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  2. Looking forward to playing with GPIOkey drivers. Also, hoping there is an update to the Playstation emulator to speed things up. Would be fun to play Gran Turismo 2 at full speed if possible on the Pi.

  3. Many thanks for your continued work on PiMAME. Adding the GPIOKey drivers might finally persuade me to build a MAME table. There is an Ikea table in the house not doing much…

  4. Looking forward to the release. I’m hoping that dgen works very well, as I’m still looking for the right software for my Genesis mod project. I put my Raspberry Pi into an old Madden ’95 cartridge, and just finished putting a powered 4-port USB hub into an old Troy Aikman Football cartridge.

  5. I have a PSX arcade joystick connected through GPIO and it works with PiMAME, would be great to have the installation automated, especially configuring the controls for all emulators at once.

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