Friday Post: PiMAME is coming…

Hey all,

The new version of PiMAME is sooooo close to being released.  Only a few little kinks to work out.  I’m hoping to put out an alpha this weekend for those who are adventurous to try it out.

All those who requested PiMAME stickers should have received them by now.  If you have not gotten your PiMAME sticker, please let me know!

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday Post: PiMAME is coming…

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  2. Hi Shea,

    I have just returned from a work trip and have a few weeks to relax so I was delighted to read your blast regarding the latest and greatest. I am looking forward to taking the latest revision for a spin and I hope you managed to get the scorpionx Jstick config to work as this would be ace.

    all the best and welcome to the 30+ club!


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