Friday Post: It’s Over 9000!


The PiPlay Kickstarter has gone over $9000!!!!

So far, we are working on theme support, joystick support, joystick configs, auto grabbing of game screen images, screen image previews, and more emulators.

I’ve also started a joystick build so that I can test out different encoders easily.

IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3841

  • $30 for the encoder, joystick, and buttons from eBay.
  • $15 for the case and $5 for the drill hole bits from Harbor Freight.
  • Ability to carry around all my stuff in a joystick case: Priceless!


Custom menu from the PiPlay forums:

I’m going to go celebrate!




3 thoughts on “Friday Post: It’s Over 9000!

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  2. This is actually one idea I had. To have a monitor inside the lid in a freight case and make a board with joystick and buttons in the other half and under that board, the Pimame!! It has to be a little deeper case though, so the stick can fit.

    What do you think of that?


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