Mar 14

Late Friday Post: Pi Day!

Hey All!

Happy Pi Day!!!  Sorry about the late posting.  My internet has been acting up for the past two days.  Yay.

The past few days have been the Orlando FIRST Regional Robotics Competition hosted at UCF.  I am a FIRST Alumni from 2002, a member of Team 108 SigmaC@Ts.  It was so awesome to see the competition again after all these years.

PiPlay is coming along.  Fixed the bugs with the joysticks.  Working on improving more things.





Mar 08

Friday Post: Everyone Here Rocks!

Hey All,

What a week.  I’ve been working on a presentation for the University, finally showed it off, got a ton of good jobs and awesome work.  Feels like a weight was lifted.  I don’t know if we will move forward with the idea, but it’s been fun so far.

Next week I will be at PyCon in California.  I went last year and it was amazing, and this year’s talks look great.  I’m excited.

I’ve gotten tons of feedback about PiMAME 0.6b2, and I feel like it’s going in a great direction.  If it wasn’t for all you giving me tons of feedback, this project wouldn’t be even 10% as good.  Thank you.


On an exciting note, a book I have been a technical editor/reviewer on has made it to the printers and is available to buy at Amazon.  It’s called the “Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook”.  It’s really humbling to have my name in print, and I honestly wouldn’t have been given these opportunities without everyone’s support.  That’s why my part of the dedication is to the community.  Here’s to you!

The FIRST Robotics regional competition in Orlando has been going on this week.  I was a member of Team 108 (Go SigmaC@TS!) back in high school.  FIRST is what really pushed me into the field I’m in now, and it’s always an awesome sight seeing hundreds of students working on robots, getting excited about competition, but most importantly, making friends with others from around the world.  It’s not about winning, it’s about working together.

So wooo!  So glad it’s the weekend.  Time to sleep until Monday!