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  2. Hi, it’s a very nice work! I would like if there is some solution for sound troubles on some game like Final Fight (for example)… the sound’s beat is slow, and if I change the fskip it’s change fast/slow. Can it sounds better by overclocking pi? Thanks

  3. Tried out 6 Beta and the menu has slowed down when there are many roms. Although I’m sure advmame runs a little quicker. Also although I think the admin menu is a good idea could you tell me how to disable it, as I have built a cabinet with no keyboard and cannot operate the admin menu with the joystick. Keep up the good work.

    • if you edit .profile (nano ~/.profile) and remove the line that says menu.py it will go straight to the command line. if you add advmenu to the bottom, it will automatically load AdvanceMENU at login/boot.

      • Thanks Shea, what would cause the slow down on advMenu could this be a bad compile/build? Is it possible for me to use the advMenu from 0.5 Beta or are the files shared with advMame?

  4. Here is a link for artwork (bezels, etc.) that is compatible w/this version of AdvanceMAME (.art files vs. the new .lay files) – http://mrdo.mameworld.info/old_artwork.php – these are the correct files and go into the artwork folder under the .advance folder.

    I have not been able to get any version of artwork working on the PI. I have nearly exhausted all my options and configurations – no luck. The same build of AdvanceMAME for Windows displays them fine, just nothing on the PI.

    If anyone has any luck, please post back.

    • I have been trying to get this to work, also. I get a black screen (and sometimes system crash) when loading the game with artwork up. No luck with v0.94 either.

      One thing I noticed was that the .art files had windows formatting codes (aka ^M) in them. Stripping them and adding back to the zip file didn’t do anything, though.

      Perhaps the Pi just can’t handle it, or something needs to be tweaked w.r.t. video settings further.

    • InputMap:

      I managed to get the artwork going both with v 0.94 and v 1.06.1 using a 15″ LCD (HDMI->DVI).

      /boot/config.txt only has the following video settings configured

      w.r.t advmame.rc, I made a lot of tweaks. The ones I think might have sealed the deal were limiting the colour output:

      #I set all to no except bgr16
      device_color_bgr15 no
      device_color_bgr16 yes
      device_color_bgr24 no
      device_color_bgr32 no
      device_color_bgr8 no
      device_color_palette8 no
      device_color_yuy2 no

      Rest of the video-related settings are provided:
      #Here are the artwork-specific settings:
      display_antialias yes
      display_artwork_backdrop yes
      display_artwork_bezel yes
      display_artwork_crop no
      display_artwork_overlay yes

      #Here are the other video settings
      display_aspectx 4
      display_aspecty 3
      display_beam 1
      display_brightness 1
      display_buffer no
      display_color auto
      display_expand 1
      display_flicker 0
      display_flipx no
      display_flipy no
      display_frameskip auto
      display_gamma 1
      display_intensity 1.5
      display_interlaceeffect none
      display_magnify 1
      display_mode auto
      display_pausebrightness 1
      display_resize mixed
      display_resizeeffect none
      display_restore yes
      display_rgbeffect none
      display_rol no
      display_ror no
      display_scanlines no
      display_skipcolumns auto
      display_skiplines auto
      display_translucency yes
      display_vsync yes

      #recommended (generic) clock settings for HDMI
      device_video_clock 5 – 50 / 15.62 / 50 ; 5 – 50 / 15.73 / 60


      • This worked PERFECT – on both my bench build 26″ monitor and the 65″ TV. I had everything set exactly as you describe with the exception of the device_color_bgr entries (mine were the defaults). I changed them to match your settings and bezel happiness all around.

        Thank you for your time and testing.

  5. Just loaded 6 Beta 2, very nice and working well for me.

    Adding a menu item to edit edit the advmame.rc file would be good. I am playing round with these settings a lot.

  6. Has anyone had any success with the slow audio. When I play a newer game 90s+ I get the audio that is really slow and bassy. Anyone has any good audio setting?

  7. Hi, great work on PiMAME. Just have one issue.

    I have the 512mb version of the pi type b. However in rasp-config in this build I only see memory split settings up to 128/128. Surely I should also be seeing 256/256. Any ideas?

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