Building a Deskcade


How to build your Deskcade

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.43.36 PM

First attach joystick to top board with large bolts and small nuts.IMG_20151204_232114179 IMG_20151204_232127649

Attach each of the blue and white cables to the joystick microswitches.  It doesn’t matter which color goes to which pin, just as long as both pins are part of the same switch.IMG_20151204_232208265 IMG_20151204_232306579

Attach the red and black wires to each of the arcade buttons.  It does not matter which pin the wires connect to.IMG_20151204_232349231 IMG_20151204_232412891 IMG_20151204_232428556 IMG_20151204_232616309 IMG_20151204_232651372IMG_20151204_233011658


When you press up on the joystick, you are actually pressing the bottom microswitch.  The encoder board is set up as Up, Down, Left, Right.IMG_20151204_233046270 IMG_20151204_233231268

The encoder board starts with button 0 on the far left.  I use the top left button as button 0. IMG_20151204_233301375 IMG_20151204_233531597 IMG_20151204_233539633 IMG_20151204_233646999 IMG_20151204_233825997 IMG_20151204_233853596 IMG_20151204_234124363

To secure the box together, use the 12 machine screws with nuts.  To make it easier to screw in, I pre attach the nut and then screw it in the rest of the way.IMG_20151204_234151325 IMG_20151204_234205504 IMG_20151204_234215555IMG_20151204_235802031 IMG_20151204_235818875 The screen attaches to the front of the wood panel, with the PiPlay Deskcade facing the back.IMG_20151204_235827950 IMG_20151204_235836257 IMG_20151205_240019537 Use the 4 screws to securely mount the screen to the panel.IMG_20151205_240022312 IMG_20151205_240134318 IMG_20151205_240303462 IMG_20151205_240310059 IMG_20151205_240522710 IMG_20151205_240542696 IMG_20151205_240556971



7 thoughts on “Building a Deskcade

  1. I’m having trouble powering this. A 2A USB power block, when driving the display then cascading to the Raspberry Pi 2, still gets me a rainbow square in the upper right hand corner of the display. Powering the Raspi2 directly and feeding the display from the GPIO pins gives me a blank white display (and the HDMI output indicates the machine is frozen and won’t boot). The back wooden panel isn’t constructed in a way to let me feed USB power to the display’s micro-usb port without some surgery. Is it possible to power a Pi2 and an official display (and the usb speaker, and the joystick controller) from one single USB power block? If so, can somebody post a link?

    • I’m doing it with the official Raspberry Pi power supply. Make sure your power supply is a name brand and is actually capable of providing 2amps. The official RPI PSU was made to power it all.

      And I’m sorry about difficulty in connecting to the second power outlet. I’ll see how I can update the design to fix it.

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  3. Hi!,

    I found your project when i was looking information to build my own bartop arcade machine with my new raspberry pi 3.

    I’m not sure about de PCB usb interface. I’m thinking in IPAC2 (ultimarc) but i’ve seen this kind of chinese usb adapters oviously becouse the price is cheaper.

    As you have one of this, What do you think about it? do you recomend it?
    do you have to configure something in the raspberry (retropie/recalbox) or it is only plug and play?

    I really apreciate if you could answer me

  4. Finally I started to build it so many months after I received it thanks to your campaign.
    Eventually I noticed I do not have any spacer for the LCD board and the raspberry pi.
    Weren’t they provided? I have everything else but these 4 parts.

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