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  1. In the process of creating a mame coffee table, very basic games are great but just needs a bit more power or proper GPU support for it to be practical for most classic games. Great work so far with the Pi images, so glad I didn’t have to spend hours building it myself. Has inspired me to learn more, really would be impressive to have a fully functional Arcade machine in a table that has no apparent space to put one (I am intending to hide the Pi under the joystick if I can get enough games playable)

    • Daniel, if you haven’t already grab a pi 2. It’s MUCH more powerful, but if you want to use the original pi, I’d stick with the B or B+ variant and overclock it to 1050 MHz and it will make everything much smoother. Just be sure to keep a good image of the SD card if you aren’t booting from USB since overclocking on the original raspberry pi’s usually causes slight corruption.

  2. I have a sound issue with advmame. The audio works fine when I pay mp3s and music but with advmame all the games have no sound. I have literally reinstalled advmame-1.2 3 times. Im using a monitor with hdmi-to-vga converter box with an audio output. It works fine on a tv screen. It also doesnt work using the audio port on the rasp pi. πŸ™

    Im all out of ideas.

    • Hi

      Its because u use that hdmi converter. Your snes roms wont have that issue. Thats why im building my bartops with piplay only using the snes emulator.
      If anyone knows which emulator i can use alongside with the snes emulator let me know!

  3. My old Vs. Unisystem cabinet was dying – those Sanyo 20EZ monitors don’t last forever. I thought about trying to repair the monitor and fixing the Player 2 joystick. But those cabinets are pretty ugly. I wanted something that looked nicer. I saw the Track & Field cabinet that was put on the Raspberry Pi website. Hey – I had an old monitor . . . and a Raspberry Pi laying around . . . inspiration! I used Visio to create some vector graphics, bought an old empty game cabinet and presto! Even better than the original!

    Now my wife says I play it too much – and we are going to move soon. Oh well – it’ll be fun until it sells.

  4. Many people may be having an issue with their mp-8866-dual-usb-joypad/super dual box controller under piMame. Since the 0925:8866 combo doesn’t appear in the blacklist with the settings: HID_QUIRK_NOGET might be the reason there is no output on the device.

    Maybe by adding to ./drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-quirks.c at line #102


    Haven’t been able to test out my theory cause getting a tool-chain working has been a hug issue for me.

    Anybody else have this problem with the above usb joystick if so did the proposed solution help??

    • The above solution worked by adding “{ USB_VENDOR_ID_WISEGROUP, USB_DEVICE_ID_DUAL_USB_JOYPAD, HID_QUIRK_NOGET | HID_QUIRK_MULTI_INPUT }” to the hid-quirks.c blacklist!!! Now my joystick works!

  5. Hey, how do I connect arcade buttons and a joystick (not USB) to pimame, I have them connected to the GPIO pins of the raspberry pi, will that work? Do I need to code anything? If so can someone write me the code and tell me step by step? I’m a noob at this πŸ™‚

  6. Sorry for the random contact, but i have looked for this answer everywhere.

    Mame on Raspberry Pi is using an old version of mame that doesnt support save states.

    Do you see this ever changing? Or do you know of someone trying to use a version that supports save states?

    Mame without high scores and saves states seems blah πŸ˜‰

    Joust and many Williams games also require you to leave service on boot!

    Thanks in advance,

  7. I bought the sainsmart 10.1″ monitor for raspberry pie, the fba and mame emulator wont accept the screen resolution and bleeds past the screen edges instead of staying within restrictions of the resolution even using the offset values.. Help!?

  8. I think the contact page is broken? I get the error “Sorry, email message could not be delivered.” when I try to submit to it. Also, the captcha on the forums appears to be broken, so I am unable to create a new forum account. Sounds like you might have just moved webhosts, so I’m sure you have lots of little fixes to do. Just wanted to make sure you were aware. Thanks!

  9. Hi, i can’t sign up on the piplay forums. Maybe this is due to moving hosts?

    I needed to ask, is there a way to manually assign an xbox controller as js1, as i am having conflicts with my xin mo usb controller? And use the xbox controller in mame4all as player 2, using either the inputs or making them into keyboard inputs.

    I posted this as a comment too, sorry about this.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hey-
    Nice job. Just wanted to let you know that clicking Update PiPlay brings you to instead of

    • Thank you. It’s been a while since I’ve updated it. Retropie is leaps and bounds better at most things at this point. We are still working on it but are also making new hardware to interface with both retropie and PiPlay. Aloshi and petrockblog are doing awesome things!

  11. I’m using piplay-installer and it is trying to get some dep packages from this site and is timing out.
    do you have any suggestions?

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