Aug 30

Friday Post: My book, Raspberry Pi Gaming, now available for pre-order!!

Hey All,

Raspberry Pi Gaming

So I have some amazing news!  For a while now I have been working with Packt Publishing and writing my book, “Instant Raspberry Pi Gaming.”  Today the book is available to pre-order on Packt’s website.  The preorder is currently for the e-book version, but the hard copy will be available on Amazon very soon.

3231OS_mockupcover_instant-how to

I am so excited for this book!  I hope many of you enjoy it.


In other news, shutz from the PiMAME forums built this awesome Raspberry Pi arcade machine, The NaCade:



Aug 23

Friday Post: PiMAME 0.7.8 with NES Support

Edit: PiMAME 0.7.8 is now uploaded!

Hey All!

Happy Friday!  First week of classes is over.  Woo!

PiMAME 0.7.8 is coming this weekend.  The major enhancements are that NES emulation is supported through AdvMESS.  I have also used the updated version of PiFBA which now has 2 player support.

I hope you all enjoy it!


Aug 16

Friday Post: Quiet

Happy Friday!

I feel like this Friday is the calm before the storm.

This week has been a non stop roller coaster of events.  Getting ready for the Fall semester is always a fun experience.  Everyone is going in 100 different directions, yet all working together for the joint goal of making education better for 60k students.  Fall starts on Monday.  Ready or not here it comes.  I’m also continuing my Masters program, so hopefully I haven’t over scheduled myself.

I just got what should be the final draft of my book, I have received some good comments and suggestions on how to improve it, and hopefully soon I can tell you all all about it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Aug 09

Friday Post: Semester Startup

Hey All,

Happy Friday!

I have one week until the Fall semester starts at UCF.  Everyone in our department is rushing to make sure we are all ready, everything is updated, and everybody’s happy.  I’m excited.  I think this semester is going to be wonderful.

Leap Motion

Over the week I bought a Leap Motion device.  Ever since I saw the preview of it, I was awe struck.  This device has the ability to make a huge paradigm shift in the way we provide input and controls to our computer systems.  It makes me even sadder to say that I returned it.  I had such high hopes for the device, but, there were just too many things wrong on the software side.

The hardware is top notch.  It just works.  The software was crummy at best.  It requires a lot of CPU power to run.  I tried it on a Core 2 Duo, and the input lag was horrible.  On a Core i5 it was fine, but I shouldn’t require that much CPU power just for an input device.  The app store was also disappointing.  There were a lot of apps available, but the vast majority cost money.  The third party free mouse driver software wasn’t top notch.  It made using the computer a chore.  In reality, the software made it feel like a poor man’s kinect.  🙁  I am willing to give it a second chance, because the hardware is top notch.  They just need the dev team to put some polish on the UX.

Raspberry Pi Pip-Boy

This is really cool. Panda from Hardware Libre posted this in the comments and on the PiMAME forums.  This is a homemade Raspberry Pi Pip Boy.

Raspberry Pi Camera NoIR

So, last week at FamiLAB, Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Software at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, paid us a visit and talked to us about hardware, software, and a cool version of the Raspberry Pi camera that is being released.

Photo Aug 03, 4 07 24 PM

It’s called the Pi NoIR, and it’s the Camera Board without the IR filter.  Without the IR filter, you are able to capture part of the infrared spectrum, which you can test out by pointing your TV remote to the camera and pressing a button.  What is invisible to your eye will show up on the camera sensor, and on your screen.  A flashing beam of light coming from the remote control.  There is a whole genre of IR photography, and this will allow you to get started in it.

Photo Aug 03, 4 37 12 PM Photo Aug 03, 2 48 54 PM

That’s all for this week,  I hope you all have a good weekend!


Aug 02

Friday Post: PiMAME 0.7.7 Released!

Hey All,

I am happy to announce the release of PiMAME 0.7.7.  This version includes:

  • Latest version of Raspbian (7/26/2013)
  • Final Burn Alpha
    • CPS 1, CPS 2, NeoGeo, Cave, Sega System 16 emulation
  • VICE
    • Commodore 64 emulation
  • xboxdrv installed and set to run at startup
  • Changes to which now show wifi addresses.

Download it here now!