Mar 14

Pi Day Giveaway!

Hey All!

Happy Pi Day!

For Pi Day, I am going to be giving away TWO things.  A Raspberry Pi 3, and a PiPlay Portable kit.

All you have to do to enter is enter your email address in the form below.  I will be closing the submission at the end of the week!  Look for the PiPlay Portable Kickstarter this month!


Jan 09

(Late) Friday Post: and the winner is! Also Monoprice Maker Architect 3D Printer

Hey All!

The winner of the Raspberry Pi Zero giveaway is Aaron!  Congratulations!  I will be emailing you later tonight!

Onto other news.  This has been a hell of a week.  Had a small health scare with my grandmother, so we drove 200 miles yesterday to visit her.  We spent the night and drove back home today.  Hence the late post.  Shes doing better, so phew! 😀

This week I implemented a cool video encoding queuing system using Redis and Django.  The module I used is called Django-RQ, and it makes it super simple to convert your functions into queue-able objects using the @Job decorator.

This Tuesday is my birthday! Woo!  I turn 32.  I’m content.  I also start classes that night.  Yay lol.  I bought this as a gift for myself:



It’s a Monoprice Maker Architect 3D Printer for $300.  It’s a major upgrade compared to my Micro, but it takes a lot more to get it going.  I’ve had it for two days and I’ve finally got most of the settings dialed in.

When I went to visit my Grandma I took along my Kinect sensor and used Skanect to scan her, so I was able to quickly print out a very low poly version of her as a bust.


The Skanect free version limits exports to only 5000 polygons.  Once I upgrade I can export at full resolution.

Have a good week / weekend all.

Thanks for reading.  I really appreciate it.


Jan 01

Friday Post: …and a happy new year! 2016!

Hey All,

Happy New Year!  2015 was an amazing year.  I learned a lot this year.  Had some ups, some downs, some all arounds, but mostly, this was a great year.  I’m pleased to have shared it with all of you.

To start off 2016 right, I’m giving away a Raspberry Pi Zero. Just fill out the form and in a week I will select a winner and send it out.

Have a wonderful 2016 everyone and thanks for reading.


Aug 29

Friday Post: Updates, Winner, and shipping things

Hey All,

Happy Friday!  To my fellow Americans, have a wonderful labor day weekend and enjoy the 3 day weekend.  I should be relaxing! My team launched a very cool new program at the university after a year in development, and it’s being used and we are getting results.  It’s so cool!  I’m not relaxing though, because I’m up to my ears in Kickstarter rewards that need to be shipped.

I’m dealing with the USPS right now because a bunch of the SD cards I sent out never arrived with their envelope.  Shipping things really needs to be brought into the 21st century. I feel like I need a degree in advanced logistics just to figure out the zone and rate charts.  I feel like I did something wrong by putting an envelope in the mailbox.  Oh well,  I hope I’m stressing out over nothing.

On a brighter note,  updates to PiPlay are happening 🙂  Connor made a neat little WiFI setup tool, and I’m working on some small bug fixes at the moment.

Congratulations to R. B. for winning the joystick contest!  I have sent you an email and I hope you send me your address soon so I can send it out.

Have a good weekend all!


Aug 22

Friday Post: Joystick Contest

Hey All,

This week has been rough.  Fall semester startup is always crazy, but this one was just over the top.  Pushed a brand new application to production, and promptly discovered a slew of bugs that hadn’t cropped up during testing.  So many little fires being put out.  As exhausting as it is, it’s such a fun environment, I don’t even care.  I can’t wait to push the second release next week and go through this all over again!

During the PiPlay Kickstarter, I ended up buying a bunch of different joysticks to test.  I’m going to hold a contest.  All you have to do is enter your name and email, and I will randomly select a name and the winner gets a free joystick shipped to them.  I will be accepting entries until next Friday!

I have a few different styles like this:



On another note,  a LOT of emails from my blog were going to my spam folder (but not all of them).  I’m going through the folder and trying to respond, so I’m sorry if I didn’t get back to you.

Have a great weekend!


Jun 15 contest! Win a RaspberryPi!

Just got an email from Jon at Low Power PCs.

They are holding a contest to win a Raspberry Pi.  From their site:

In order to win this pocket sized computer you must do your best to impress us by your geekyness and creativity. You should comment on this post with a link to a youtube clip that you’ve created to say/demonstrate why YOU should win the Rasperberry Pi.

The Rules

  • You MUST be based in the UK as we will only ship this to a UK address.
  • Post your entry as a comment to this post and include the link to your YouTube clip.
  • Entries that don’t include our website URL and Raspberry Pi in their content will be excluded from the results.
  • All entries must be received by 21:00 UK Time on the 6th July 2012.
  • We will review the entries on the 7h July 2012 and announce what we thought was the most impressive video (content wise, not necessarily technically) by the 8th July 2012.
  • Only 1 entry per person.
  • The winner of the Raspberry Pi will be announced on the 8th July 2012
  • By entering our competition you agree for us to publish your youtube clips on our website

Good Luck!