Mar 22

Friday Post: Getting Married!

Hi all!

I am very proud to announce that I am getting married tomorrow. I am very excited to be spending the rest of my life with the person I love. This is a really exciting time in my life. I couldn’t be happier I have a wonderful bride, many projects, friends and family, health, and I’m happy.

Thank you all!


Mar 16

Saturday Post: PyCon 2013 Redux!

Hey all,  hoping not to make [Saturday Posts] tags a habit but I feel bad that the wireless ate my last post 🙁

So PyCon is going amazingly well.  I have seen some amazing talks,  I gave a small talk about PiMAME for 15 minutes in the Raspberry Pi lab.  Everyone who attended got a free Pi.  Sourceforge told me they could easily host my PiMAME images so that’s a plus for everyone here.

I got to hold (but not wear) a Google Glass.  It feels incredibly solid.  Light.  Balanced.  I’m excited for it.  O’Reilly was giving out a ton of books, and I have my reading for the next year scheduled.

A lot of the attendees  were impressed with PiMAME and I’m excited to get the next version out.  I’m brain fried.  I will have pictures and things and stuff to post when I get back to Florida on Monday.  Woo!  PyCon!


Mar 16

Friday Post: PyCon 2013!

Apparently the wireless at PyCon ate my post  and it didn’t actually get saved or posted last night 🙁  This is what I could recover:


Hey All,

I’m sorry for the late post.  This time change is killer.  I am in California right now attending PyCon for my University.  It was a whole day of flying yesterday, and the first day of the conference has gone amazingly well.  Eben from the Raspberry Pi Foundation gave the keynote.  It was great.

Mar 11

PiMAME code on GitHub

Hey All,

I’ve put my PiMAME code and configurations on GitHub for anyone to look at, check out, fork, make improvements, etc, etc.

If you check out,  you will see that I have a new line item for RetroPie / EmulationStation.

I am testing it out in addition to AdvanceMAME.