Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Combo

Lo all!

Last week I decided I was tired of futzing around with unplugging my mouse and keyboard from my desktop and plugging them into the Pi when I needed to test something in a local console.  SSH and VNC works for 99% of the instances out there, but sometimes, you just gotta run something on the frambuffer!

My coworker let me try out his Logitech Wireless Keyboard combo that came with a GoogleTV, and it worked really well.  The price is around $40 and if you want a decent sized keyboard, you should look at picking one up.  I decided to go for something cheaper and smaller.  The link below goes to Amazon, and it’s the keyboard mouse combo i’m using currently.  It’s great.  I recommend it.  You also get a laser pointer built in if you want to annoy your cat 🙂

Let me know if you have found any good input devices for the Pi!


Just in case anyone was curious, here is the link to the Logitech Wireless Mouse Keyboard Combo.  If you want something with larger keys, this is a great choice.

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  2. hi! the wireless keyboard/mouse you’re referring to is the Logitech K700? I’m trying to confirm before purchasing that it’ll work under rapsbian. I can’t see the link you mention. TIA!

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