Making Deb Files

I’m currently working on making .deb files for all the emulators.  I’m also recompiling all the source code on the latest version of Raspbian.  I’m hoping that will solve some issues people have been running into lately.

More updates to follow 🙂

4 thoughts on “Making Deb Files

  1. Great, looking forward to the deb files for mame. Really want to see if Donkey Kong can run fine fullscreen on this, and hopefully the IPac can also work as an input device (I have read some people have compiled the ipac utilities for the RPi as well). Do you have sound working as well on your mame build?

  2. Finally i got psx emu working!!!!
    But sound over analog and full screen stretched is not working…
    also real bioses are not working just fake one..

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