PiMAME 0.7.10 Uploaded

PiMAME 0.7.10 has been uploaded.

So, over the weekend we had a family emergency and had to drive across Florida.  Everyone is ok.  Everything is good.  With all that stress, I apparently caught an ear infection and it has knocked me on my ass.

I’m still feeling out of it, but I pushed the release last night.  Please let me know if it works.



5 thoughts on “PiMAME 0.7.10 Uploaded

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  2. I wish you speedy recovery. Thank you for pimame + xin-mo driver, still being fine-tuned details but it should work ok and finally joy1 also joy2, exchange the wrong button;). Pity Publisher xin-mo does not cooperate at least on firmware repair your devices away one product is sold in two versions. So big thanks to you for compiling this version PiMAME . ( im run MAME4ALL ) .

  3. I did a fresh install with the new version. It could just be me, but AdvanceMAME doesn’t see to be working with this version. It isn’t finding any ROMs. The previous version was working with the same ROMs.

    • I’ve been digging around trying to sort out the issue. It isn’t actually problem with 0.7.10. I went back to 0.7.9 and had the same problem. The only difference between this time and the time it worked properly is the Tankstick configuration I did (following the steps outline here – http://blog.sheasilverman.com/2013/02/pimame-advancemame-and-advancemenu-tankstick-configuration/). I was able to resolve the issue by making some adjustments to the recommended /home/pi/.advance/advmenu.rc file posted there.

      In the original /home/pi/.advance/advmenu.rc file, parameters that now have an empty string use to be “” (e.g.) group_include “” was group_include “”. If I use the exact file posted on that page ROMs do not show up. It complains that it can’t find any ROMs in the group. If I use the new file as is, but simply change all the “” parameters to “” the ROMs show back up.

      To be clear the ones I changed are:
      group_include “”
      type_include “”
      group “”
      type “”

      Hope this helps someone else.

      • Ha, ok well that explains it better… it looks like the word “u n d e f i n e d” in angle brackets (without the spaces) is being stripped by WordPress in the blog post. So what I copied and pasted into the file was missing that bit to begin with. Might be best to post that as a file that can be downloaded directly or use something like wp-syntax (http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-syntax/) to post the code snippets.

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