Friday Post: Hello 2014

Hello All,

Happy 2014!

Today I found out my blog post about dogecoin was featured on Adafruit 🙂  I hope a bunch of readers got some good info from that.

Over the holiday break my friend Zach and I have been working on the PiMAME Menu system.  We got a lot done, and even though it’s very beta, if anyone wants to try it out and contribute some code, it is all on GitHub.

Video of it in action:

that clanging noise was the joystick falling off my desk.  It’s ok though!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Post: Hello 2014

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  2. Thanks for some great work in 2013. I finally did it and made a Mame table based on Raspberry Pi and your software. Got the hardware and software fully working in a day.
    Mame in a Day what a good tag line for a hardware project maybe as a appendix in your next book.

    Ikea Table and Glass kitchen door with Adafruit joystick, buttons and a Raspberry Pi Model A.

    Looking forward to the updates in 2014.

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