Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey All,

Sticking to my new years resolution. Another week, another post. This was kind of a rough week, as it’s the first week of classes. My team just released a new version of our software, on a new platform, with new automation tools, but there’s only so much testing you can do before you just have to hit that go button and see what happens. 6 months of hard work paid off. Proud of my team and our students.

On a more personal and awesome note, this week it’s my Birthday!

My wife made me an amazing birthday cake!

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So. Much. Frosting! I loved it!

My little guy also enjoyed it very much 😀

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I treated myself to two fun gifts. I saw my local retro game store advertising a complete in box Pokemon Trading Card Game for the GameBoy Color. Except it was the Japanese version! Now I have both 😀

I also picked up the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game physical release from Limited Run Games. I have fond memories playing this game on my Xbox 360. I can’t wait to get it in my hands!

Switch Limited Run #94: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

In my downtime this week, I’m working on modding my GBA SP to have an IPS screen, but while I wait for the screen to arrive, I started doing a deep scrub and clean of the original parts. Nothing like 20 years of grime to make you realize kids are gross 😉

Anyways, after I finished cleaning I got an awesome candid of my son inspecting the device and turning it on and playing his first GBA game! Time to get him a Kirby game I think…

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Have a good week all! Missed y’all!

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