Feb 14

Friday Post: Dogecoin USB Miner

Hey All,

This is the first Valentine’s day I am celebrating with K as husband and wife.  I am very lucky to have her, and knowing that she is reading this, I just want to say that you are my person and I love you very much!

PiMAME is coming together.  I am psyched to have a full weekend to just spend working on it.

The era of cpu/gpu mining scrypt based alt coins may be ending soon.  The first scrypt capable ASICs are hitting the market.  I recently purchased the DualMiner USB BTC/LTC miner.  Even though it says litecoin, it can mine any scrypt coin, which is what Dogecoin is based on.

2 - WiHvu3a 5 - jscGo4E

It was $113 shipped from California, and performs 70khs at around 3 watts.  My r9 270 produced 350khs at ~150 watts and cost $200, and my Core i5 Haswell produced 79khs, cost $199, and uses ~100 watts.

I’m excited and nervous about the next generation of ASIC miners.

Have a good weekend all!