Jan 10

Friday Post: Turning 30! Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey All,

So, I’m turning 30 this weekend.  Crazy.  I’ve decided to treat myself by building an awesome budget gaming PC.  I haven’t built a PC since the P4 days.


All in all I spent about $600 on this machine.  I’m getting 200FPS in Team Fortress 2, and I’m currently waiting for some new games to download.  Happy Birthday to Me!

If anybody is on Steam, I made a PiMAME group.  Let’s get some TF2 games going 🙂



In other news, since the new menu system is taking longer than expected, I’m going to do one more 0.7 PiMAME release.  It’s going to be upgrading to the new Raspbian version, and including some much needed functions to the console menu (joystick support, and favorites).

Look for that update this week!