Friday Post: PiMAME 0.6 Beta 4

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce PiMAME 0.6 Beta 4!  You will need a 4GB SD Card for this release.  The updates and new items required a bump in space.


This release includes:

  • Neo Geo support with the GNGeo emulator!!! (Full Speed and Audio)
  • Neo Geo roms and bios are stored in the same Roms folder.
  • Raspbian upgraded and updated.

Known issues:

  • GNGeo does not work with the XArcade Tankstick at the moment.  You must use a keyboard.
  • GNGeo small screen size.  Will not do scaling through composite.  Will scale up through HDMI.
  • I have been informed of the slowness with AdvMENU.  I have confirmed the issue and will be working on that.

Go Get It!!!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Post: PiMAME 0.6 Beta 4

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  2. Since the Neogeo is in this release is it safe to assume that you could put any other emulators and the Advmame will pick it up? In the past I have taken your distro and added the AdvMESS and compile it into the distro. Do I no longer need to do this?

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