Friday Post: PiMAME 0.7.5

EDIT: Really sorry guys, I found a show stopping bug while uploading.  I had to cancel it.  I’m really sorry.  It’ll be up soon.

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing the new PiMAME image this weekend.  I will be uploading it tonight and it should be on sourceforge asap.

The new features include:

  • Dispmanx graphics backend
  • Dgen Genesis emulator
  • Cavestory
  • Pikeyd GPIO key daemon.

On another note, the latest special edition of Linux Pro Magazine is all about the Raspberry Pi.  The DVD includes a bunch of different SD Card Images, including PiMAME.



Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Post: PiMAME 0.7.5

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  2. Just ordered a copy since shipping was free and I dont know if any of the computer or book stores would stock iy. I cant believe I just dropped 16.00 on a magazine lol

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