Friday Post: PiMAME 0.7.9

Hey All,

PiMAME 0.7.9

PiMAME 0.7.9 is now uploaded to SourceForge

A new release of PiMAME is being uploaded.  This time it’s 0.7.9, and the biggest edition is DGEN, a Sega Genesis emulator.  PiSNES now supports 2 players, and the script was updated to not overwrite some of the config files.  You can use the script right now to upgrade.  I’ll update this post once the new image is on SourceForge.

Pokemon Rumble U

So, I’m a sucker for collectibles.  Make little collectible figurines, add NFC, and let them interact with a video game, and I might as well just hand over my paycheck to the developer.  I have so far kept myself away from Skylanders, and Disney Infinity, because I KNEW I would spend too much, but now Nintendo has come into the market with Pokemon Rumble U.

It’s an inexpensive Wii U game.  Download only.  It’s like a combination of Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and bullet hell games.

There are 649 in game Pokemon to catch/befriend/see, but the real fun comes with these:

There are 18 different figurines to collect, and each one levels up as you play.  When you bring them to a friends house, you can place the little figure on their wii u gamepad and it brings over all your stats and moves.

It’s using NFC tags inside the figure’s base to read and write this data, and if you hold it up to an Android phone with NFC, it will try and read the data.  So far I have been unsuccessful getting a good data dump, but it would be neat if I could back up my figures stats and try moving them to blank tags.

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  2. I ran and upgraded to 0.7.9. I see that Genesis is now available, and I see that it is running the command ‘advmenu -cfg advmenu-dgen.rc’. I have looked and I can see that advmenu-dgen.rc does exist in /home/pi/.advanced/. However the path /home/pi/emulators/dgen-sdl-1.32/ does not exist. So it appears that is not actually installing dgen and therefore the genesis option fails with an error and does not run. I also noticed that /home/pi/roms/genesis/ does not exist either. Just wanted to give you a heads up so that this can be corrected in so that this is properly updating.

    • I have worked around this bug. What I did was

      ** I did all of the following as the user pi

      1. Download dgen-sdl-1.32 from Sourceforge
      2. Uploaded using SCP to /usr/local/src/
      3. cd /usr/local/src/; tar -xf dgen-sdl-1.32.tar.gz
      4. cd dgen-sdl-1.32
      5. ./configure –prefix=/home/pi/emulators/dgen-sdl-1.32/ –disable-opengl
      6. make
      7. make install
      8. cd /home/pi/.advanced
      9. Using vi I edited advmenu-dgen.rc to edit the path to dgen to be /home/pi/emulators/dgen-sdl-1.32/bin/dgen
      10. mkdir /home/pi/roms/genesis
      11. Uploaded roms (unzipped. Dgen can NOT read zip files)
      12. Played games

      So for those of you facing this bug that is how you can fix it. However the compile time is around 1 hour using a pi Model B 512MB.

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