Friday Post: Small and Large Updates

Hey All,

A few good updates this week 🙂

The PiPlay 0.8 Beta4 got a very small update (0.8b4.1)  You can get it by selecting the update option.

It fixes a few small config items, like the finalburn alpha emulator not looking for the proper config file, and Dgen missing the proper binary files.

A bigger update is coming later this week with 0.8 beta 5.  Mark figured out how to speed up the menu by at least 50%.  A lot of optimizations were made, and it will be incorporated into the code ASAP.

Have a great weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Friday Post: Small and Large Updates

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  2. The new Dash looks amazing.
    Just a Few questions.
    Does the Dash support most Joysticks/Pad as it looked as though you were using a keyboard to access files(On Video).
    Does the Dash have movement/access sounds.
    N64 emulation on this Dash ? y/n
    Are buttons to get bigger.
    Is it touch screen compatible.?
    Cool Work Keep It Up 🙂

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