Friday Post: DIY Joystick

Hey All!

Happy Friday!  This week I took video of myself building a small Arcade Joystick for the Raspberry Pi.  I hope you all enjoy.  Let me know if you have any questions!


The latest issue of the MagPi is out, and in this issue, not only have they announced that they are officially part of the Foundation, but they have also reviewed PiPlay, RetroPie, and Raspicade!

PiPlay received the “Best Features” comment, while RetroPie and Raspicade received “Best of the Bunch” and “Best for Newbies” respectively.

mp1 mp2

It’s a real honor to be mentioned in the MagPi 🙂

Have a good weekend all!


One thought on “Friday Post: DIY Joystick

  1. Hi Shea,
    Great video! I have a dumb question before I start this though… Do you know if two of these usb controllers work together ok for two player & twin stick controlled games?
    Many thanks!

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