Friday Post: PiPlay 0.8 Beta 9 Released!

Happy Friday Everyone!


I am proud to present the very latest version of PiPlay!  PiPlay 0.8 Beta 9!  I feel like this is the best release yet!

While this was mostly a bug fix and compatibility update, we do have one awesome new features implemented.  When you upload, drag and drop, ftp, or somehow copy a game file to the roms folder, our file watcher will pick that up, and automatically update the PiPlay Menu.  No more running the Rom Scraper, or getting popups about unscraped files.

Update now via the PiPlay Menu, or download the latest image!

  • Numerous bug fixes!
  • Updated to latest Raspbian
  • SQLite Backend
  • Webserver now a background process via supervisor
  • File Watcher automatically scans for game files and updates the PiPLAY menu
  • Raspberry Pi 2 comparability
  • Controller config updated
  • Moved more repos to GitHub
  • Master games list updated
  • Toggle menu item visibility (in beta mode still)

Have a good weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Friday Post: PiPlay 0.8 Beta 9 Released!

  1. Great release, any chance of adding an N64 emulator in there?

    I’ve been trying to sign up to your forum but i do not seem to be receiving the confirmation email, I’ve tried two different email accounts but the confirmation emails never seem to arrive. Van you take a look at that please.


  2. I’m a total newbie at this field so please bare with me :’) how can I control the controllers sitting (that fading list thingy).
    where did you downloaded the game from? I tried to download PSX crash bash game .. and it uploaded perfectly fine but it’s not working 🙁

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