May 31

Friday Post: Writing is Exhausting!

Hey All,

Writing is exhausting, and tough, and mentally taxing.  I love it, but wow, this is a new experience   I don’t really have any updates for this week.  I know Nick_Tones is anxiously awaiting more PiMAME stuff.  I’m sorry I don’t have anything this week.

There was an askreddit thread earlier this week about what do people do with thier Raspberry Pi?  There are some amazing projects in there.  I really want to try doing a Raspberry Pi weather balloon launch with the University. I also posted PiMAME to the thread and I got an additional 1700 visits.  That blew my mind.

I’m going to leave you with this, Patrick Stewart being awesome:

Have a good weekend!


Feb 16

Quick List of Raspberry Pi Disk Images

Hey all,

A fellow Redditor ,  jfOIhe7Fl, has made a cool website which keeps track of pre-made Raspberry Pi Disk Images.

The site is available here: and the Reddit thread is here:

There are some good ones in there, including PiMAME 😉

Hope you all enjoy it!