It’s Alive!!!!

Hey All,

Excited to post today.  I was out shopping today at Walmart and I came across a portable battery pack charger on clearance.  I had tried to use a friend’s Duracell Portable charger and while it would power the Pi, it only outputted 500mA so it wasn’t able to power my LCD.  I took a chance and picked this battery pack up and what do you know…it worked!

It’s a Kodak Power Pack KP1000 – 5v 700mA.

I’m now one step closer to my portable gaming station :)


6 thoughts on “It’s Alive!!!!

  1. Hi Shea.
    Great work on the portable Pi.
    I’ve got very similar equipment – could you tell me which pins you’re using on the Pi’s GPIO strip? I can’t quite see for sure from the photo.



  2. Thanks for the clarification, much obliged :-)
    Those are the ones I would have guessed – just wanted to be sure before I blew anything up. Between my poor soldering skills, lack of electronics knowledge and rubbish wire-stripping skills, I’m pretty sure I’ll electric-shock myself at some point! ;-)

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