PiMAME 0.4

Update:  I have received numerous reports that this version is much slower than the previous one.  I am reverting back to the previous Raspbian for PiMAME 0.5.  That should fix the speed issues.  The new release will be up this week.  Thank you for all the feedback.

Hey All,

I am pleased to announce PiMAME 0.4 is now available for download.

PiMAME is now built around the 2012-12-16 version of Raspbian.
AdvanceMAME 1.2 and AdvanceMENU 2.6  are installed.
PulseAudio has been removed.
Snapshots of supported games are loaded and will appear in AdvanceMENU.
The ROM uploader file size limit has been increased from 2MB to 200MB.

I recommend users exit out of AdvanceMENU at some point and run:

sudo raspi-config

Overclocking the Pi from raspi-config greatly increases the performance of AdvanceMAME.  You are also able to expand the filesystem to fill up the rest of your SD Card.

I am looking forward to all questions, comments, and suggestions!  Have a great week.


Download PiMAME


33 thoughts on “PiMAME 0.4

  1. Hey Shea,
    Just out of curiosity do you have the 256mb or 512mb version?

    I saw that the model A (with 256) is going on sale soon and it only uses 1/2 the power. powered USB hub+wifi dongle seems like it would be better suited for pimame than model B, Thoughts?

  2. Sweet, can’t wait to try it out! Do you have a paypal tip jar or an amazon wishlist in case someone wanted to send you a birthday/thank you present? =)

  3. Is AdvanceMESS easy to compile on the RPi? I loves me some MAME, but some gb, gba, gbcolor, nes, and snes action would be nice, too.

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  5. Hi Shea,
    graet wortk.
    The sound in Metal Slug ist bad.
    It is in many Games. Give´s there a workaround ?

    Greeting´s from germany.

  6. Great work, looking forward to trying this out and then adding my other bits ‘n’ pieces on top.

    One thing I noticed in 0.3 is that your command history was still present in terminal. You may wish to issue a “history -c” to clear it before you make your next image. It doesn’t make a whole lot of a difference, but it could cover up something you don’t want people to see.


    • Yeah, I did a “history -c”, but that only seems to clear it for the session. To really clear the history you need to remove .bash_profile and then recreate the file. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Hello, great work! I’ve run both 0.3 and 0.4 and 0.4 with the new AdvanceMAME is substantially slower (bubble bobble is agonisingly slow, even with the pi in turbo mode). Has anyone else noticed this?


  8. Shea, would it be possible for you to post on your blog here the routines you use to store your Pi images that you make available for us? There are a number of ways to do this, I just wondered which you use. Is it Mac, Linux, Windows and what software/command do you use, parameters etc.

    It would be really useful, certainly for me, where I add to pimame with other bits and pieces and would like to replicate my build or back it up.

    Thanks in advance.

    Paul L

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for your hard work it is appreciated though even with overclocking I have found this version much slower than .3. In particular playing Bubble Bobble was ok overclocked at 950mhz before (unless the screen was full of bubbles), but now I can’t play it, its too slow 🙁 Not sure if its just me but there is even a lag in advance menu itself which seemed odd, is this normal or just here?


    • I have the same problem, now all games are a lot slower for me too.
      Donpachi was 100% playable at full speed and now it is unplayable.
      It looks like every game is affected, as even Pacman was unplayable.
      I’ll give more details when I have time, I’m just reassured that I’m not alone !

    • The advmenu slowdown bizarrely appears to be caused by the sound_latency setting. Decreasing it seems to fix it, unless it’s just a weird coincidence on my setup!

    • I’ve got the slowdown problem also 1.3 good 1.4 sloooow… sound_latency set to 0.01 marginally improves things but not great – what’s the fix?

  10. Am I the only one having problems with SD card corruption? PiMame is a ton of fun but it seems like every day I end up having to re-image the SD card and re-do all of my configuration.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  11. Thanks Shea,
    This is fantastic.

    I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be too much trouble for you to post how you’ve set up AdvanceMENU to load from the boot. I’m wanting to disable this and launch directly into a ROM instead.

    Thanks again!

  12. Yes… between the 0.4 and the 0.3, the performance gap is huge !
    Do you have any idea where the difference is ? Any feedback from the Raspian team ?

    • I noticed the same thing, 0.04 was unplayable, I moved back to 0.03 and everything works perfectly. I also tried the new .deb for advmenu, and its slower. Compiler setting maybe?

      Question about the advance menu setup, are all the images for games compiled into the code, or is there a directory for images and video’s?

      Great work on this by the way.


  13. I have just installed pimame and copied 805 ROMS, and 98% work perfectly. I spent 2 years weeding out all the bad games and missing files on MacMame. I saw alot of post about what games don’t work… Well thats how Mame is. Most of my ROMS work.
    I had some issues, but after i installed a powered USB HUB it works better than exspected.

    Good job.

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